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Alex and Ashlee (Miss. Muffin) at 10 Months


The top bunk is still our favorite spot! And we can still both get up here when we want to! 🙂


The little house is getting a bit tight.


Alex keeping an eye on the birds.


Alex basking in the sun.


Nothing like a comfy chair by the window on a sunny day. Miss muffin relaxing. 🙂


Superbowl night.


Favorite window–birds, squirrels, and sometimes even rabbits out there!


My turn on the top bunk! They’re pretty good about taking turns.


So far Alex has only fallen in the tub once but he is mesmerized by bubble baths!


Miss. Muffin looking cute. 🙂



  1. Beth-Ann

    They look SO happy! Bubba, their brother, is also huge! Their mama is still fostering with us, and is finally beginning to play more by herself. She also loves playing with Bubba, but we are so excited to see her play by herself!

    • Hi Beth-Ann! Yes, they have a good life. Ashlee has a very good appetite–she demands her breakfast and dinner and is always on the lookout for any food that may drop accidentally from above. 🙂 I even caught her trying to eat a piece of leek once!! So glad to hear that their mama is doing better and that Bubba is doing well. 🙂

  2. Kate

    They are so sweet together. Back when we had kitty twins, the girls just tolerated each other. Seeing Alex and Ashlee being affectionate is darling.

    • Yes, they are buds. The bathe each other, play together, sleep together when they feel like it. 🙂 Very sweet little souls. We feel very fortunate to have found them.

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