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Meet Alex and Ashlee!

Ashlee was a little afraid when we first brought her home and wasn’t sure she wanted to come out of the carrier.

Alex was a little afraid but couldn’t contain his curiosity! 🙂

We eventually coaxed Ashlee to come out of the carrier and she curled up under my arm for the evening. She’s a real snuggle-bug!

Now she has the control!

Alex is the contortionist!

He knows how to relax!

Ashlee likes to work in the office.

She checks her e-mail regularly.

And sometimes she helps with the laundry!

Did I mention that they love to bird-watch!

And tear up big pieces of paper!

And when they’re all tuckered out from racing around the house they curl up and cuddle. 🙂



  1. Beth-Ann Meherg

    So happy to see them doing so well!!

    • Hi Beth-Ann. They are so sweet!! Thank you for being such a great foster-parent. You obviously had a hand in them being so sweet. 🙂 Do you know the background on where they came from?

  2. Beth-Ann Meherg

    Can’t remember the entire store. When we received momma & 6 kittens momma was only 5 lbs! We got them the day after Memorial Day. They were born April 17th and we still have 3 siblings that have not been adopted yet. I can’t take all the credit for how great they all turned out, my girls had a big part in raising them also. Thank you for opening up your home & heart to 2 great kittens!

  3. Wow, I thought they’d have found homes by now. Please thank your girls for me! My husband and I are thrilled to have cats again–we lost our Snowy cat last December. You are all welcome to visit us any time!

  4. Beth-Ann Meherg

    Hopefully soon everyone will have forever homes. 1 kitten was back for a visit, his mom & dad were on vacation so we got to kitty sit! The girls loved it, and as soon as he was out he remembered where he was and went running and playing!! I will let the girls know that they are doing great and if you all ever need a kitty sitter you know who to call! My cell # should be on the adoption form!

    • Great! We may just take you up on that!

  5. Wendy, they are absolutely adorable! I am so glad you were able to adopt them as a bonded pair 🙂 Looking forward to more pics!

    • Thanks Adrienne. They have been so much fun! 🙂

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